Thursday, June 26, 2008

“Secret” Marketing Web Site Revealed

The Tallahassee-Leon County Economic Development Council unveiled a new “secret” marketing strategy, including a website developed by Moore Consulting Group and IS Consulting:

The Tallahassee Democrat was there when the cat was let out of the bag, and included this coverage in their recent article on the campaign launch:

"The site is designed to be the centerpiece of a new area marketing campaign that includes highlighting services to existing local businesses. The objective is to help generate new and growing markets as well as bringing new businesses to the area.

In a 45-minute program EDC Chairman Tripp Transou, CSX Transportation's Aubrey Brown and Florida State University Assistant Vice President for Research and Economic Development John Fraser talked about the area's entrepreneurial future.

Brown said CSX 'is standing by to partner with you to help businesses grow here and come here. If businesses are looking for where the action is, we believe they should look in Tallahassee.'"